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4 Steps to Success


At ADocs, business process improvement is in our DNA. Our company was created to bring affordable content/document management and business process improvement to the widest possible number of organizations, large and small. Our commitment is to provide our users with systems and services that help them do more with less, decrease costs and improve bottom line results.

To do this we use a simple 4 step process:


We will meet with you to determine your corpoarate needs and goals. At this point we will meet to discuss your needs, budget and timeline to implement. We will work with you to define the scope of your project and process improvement needs.


With the assistance of your users and management we will develop a proof of concept system that allows us to demonstrate the overall needs of your system. At this point we are looking for your feedback and will make any changes to our proposed design and work scope as necessary.


We will provide system demos to users and management to ensure that your needs are met and we have a mutually agreed upon staement of work. Upon approvals, we will schedule the implemenation of your system.


ADocs will configure, install and test your system to your specifications. We will also provide contracted "Go Live" support as well as follow on support and Help Desk functions.



From needs analysis to delivery and beyond, we are working with you to ensure that we have met or exceeded your expectations.

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